Do you daydream about owning a second home? Or a place to retire? Maybe there’s an area of the country you’re especially drawn to—a place where you’d like to spend part of your year, or your retirement years. After all, we could all use a place where we can relax and recharge.

But maybe your you don’t really know how to pursue the purchasing of a second home especially if you don’t have any contacts in the area your considering.

Let us help!

At Brockette Homes, we’re ready to answer your questions and make the connections you’ll need to get the second home or retirement home you’ve been dreaming of.

From the basics to the details, we either know the answers or can put you in touch with the people who do.


  • Can I afford a second home? or the kind of home I want in the community I want to live in after I retire? How would I finance it?
    • We can connect you with local lenders who can walk you through the process of financing your new home.  You may also want to consult your financial advisor, account or attorney to determine if a mortgage is the best solution.
  • How can I find a realtor I can trust in another market?
    • Our extensive network, which extends across the country, is at your disposal.
  • Who can help me in the early stages?
    • Brockette Homes can!

 Finding the perfect place: 

  • How do I pick a place for my second home? How do I match my interests and my family’s interests to a potential new location?
    • We’re ready to share resources that can help you narrow down your options.
  • Is there an area expert who might be able to offer advice and suggestion?
    • We look forward to connecting folks interested in second homes with locals who have already gone through the process.
  • What online resources are available?
    • Our website is a great place to start!

Managing your properties: 

  • How will we manage and care for our second home when it is unoccupied? And how do we manage the upkeep of our main residence while we’re away?
    • The resource section of our website will have great tips to help you with all the upkeep details of your primary and secondary residences.
    • Our partners can also provide expert advice.  Once you select a location, we can help connect you to property managers in that area.

Selling your current home: 

  • We’ll need to sell our current home so we can buy a new home when we retire?
    • Contact Brockette Homes for a complimentary market evaluation or referral listing agent.

We’re eager to meet you and to get started on a journey toward your second home. We offer award-winning experience supported by top-notch training. We customize our service to your needs and offer a written services guarantee detailing our work on your behalf. We’re confident we’ll create a successful real estate experience—one that accomplishes your goals and earns your referral!