So, you’ve decided to buy a second home. A vacation getaway, perhaps, that will always be there when you need to get away from the day-to-day grind. That’s great! But odds are you aren’t looking for a property here in the local market. A getaway suggests…well…getting away, right?

You might think your local realtor can’t help you buy a property in another market. But we can! Here’s how.

First, we want to talk with you about exactly what you’re looking for and where. What amenities are must-haves? What’s your price range? What are your long-term plans for a second property?

Once we have all of that information in hand, we’ll find the right agent for you. We’ll find the person who specializes in what you’re looking for—and we’ll make sure he or she is a good fit for your personality, too. We’ll make sure you are taken care of with the same care and attention we would provide ourselves.

Best of all? There’s no cost to you. The existing system of agent-to-agent referrals takes care of the costs while you get an agent who have been prescreened to meet your needs.

We should note that this service is available even if you’re permanently relocating. We can help you find the agent in your destination location who will make sure you find the right home for you and your family.

You could trust your Facebook friends or your old college buddy who lives in the town where you’re looking for a house to help you find an agent. But wouldn’t you feel better trusting a real estate professional who will connect you with just the right person? We’re ready to get started whenever you’re ready to find that second home or make the move to a new location.