Our friends and family are at or near a new stage in life. The place where all the hard work is showing its reward. Mortgages are paid off, so a vacation home or retirement look within reach.

We searched the internet for sites that would help people who are considering a vacation home or retirement home. It’s easy to find places to search for homes, but what about all things that go into the decision to pull the trigger? That led us to develop BrocketteHomesDreamBig.com.

To get started, we wanted to know what information would be valuable to you. Thanks to those who participated in our survey. Here’s a summary of the results:

Top Reasons for Owning a Second Home:
#6 To be near family/friends
#5 For investment purposes
#3 TIE: For retirement and For a weekend retreat
#2 For recreation or vacation
#1 To get away for the winter

Top 3 Destinations
#6 Texas
#5 Nevada
#4 Colorado
#3 North Carolina
#2 Florida
#1 Arizona

What’s holding you back?
#7 Don’t know a realtor or lender in desired location
#6 Don’t understand real estate market in desired location
#4 TIE: Not sure if I should buy or lease AND Don’t understand tax implications
#3 Not sure I can afford a second home
#2 Unsure of the best location
#1 I’m concerned about maintenance/upkeep of a second home

BrocketteHomesDreamBig.com is designed to provide more information about your biggest concerns so you can make progress toward your best life!