When most people think of Colorado, their mind goes to the majestic views from the Rocky Mountains.  There are many resorts tucked into this amazing mountain range that attract millions of tourists every year.

Cache la Poudre River

And for some, that’s the problem!  Consider the tranquility of a canyon.  The Cache la Poudre River starts at the north end of the Rocky Mountain National Park.  It runs through the Front Range in Roosevelt National Forest along a canyon pass.

We discovered the beauty of this canyon while visiting family in Fort Collins, CO. Fort Collins is a great college town that makes a wonderful base for your Colorado adventures.  You can easily get to Denver, Estes Park and Poudre Canyon and experience views of the Rockies and the Foothills. With Poudre River running through town, Horsetooth Reservoir, Old Towne district and the many breweries, you might not leave town!

Just 20-30 minutes northeast of Fort Collins, you are transported into the scenic and peaceful canyon.  For my first experience, I hired a guide for trout fishing. Nothing is more peaceful and I actually caught a fish!

Fly fishing on the Cache la Poudre River

Granted, this area is also a popular tourist area, however, with no major resorts that I’m aware of, it has seemed more relaxed whenever we’ve visited.

Beth and Alan Brockette on the Cache la Poudre River

Picnic Rock Natural Area is a lovely place to pull off the road and find a spot for a campfire, wading in the river, fishing or rafting/kayaking.

Greyrock Summit Trail is ranked as difficult.  But if you aren’t up for the whole trail, just go as far as you want.  The wildflowers were blooming when we were there recently.  And there’s no fee.

The Story of the Greyrock Trail

The Mishawaka Amphitheater and restaurant is another destination.  You can enjoy outdoor live music events set in this scenic venue or stop by The Mishawaka restaurant for burgers and brew!

A second home in this serene area provides a relaxing retreat, yet close to all the amenities of a city.  Have you experienced Poudre Canyon?  We’d love to hear about your adventures.

Cache la Poudre River