Housing trends are being impacted by lifestyle changes we’re making due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More designated home office space and remote learning areas are desired over open-floor plans.  Larger homes vs. smaller footprints accommodate more time spent at home.

Companies are extending work-from-home policies and workers are taking advantage, realizing they don’t have to choose the location of their home based on proximity to work. This article from the National Association of REALTORS shows that new construction in second-home markets is on the rise.

The desire to escape high-density, urban areas isn’t the only reason for higher demand.  Unprecedented low interest rates, strong investment markets and baby boomers reaching retirement age are also impacting this growing demand for second-homes.

Many of our friends and family are exploring options for a second home.  We created BrocketteHomesDreamBig.com as a starting point.  You have a trusted, knowledgeable resource as you consider the many factors that will impact your decision.